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    What is a scrutiny panel?

    A scrutiny panel is a small group of residents, facilitated and supported by the communications and engagement team. They work independently to research a specific topic in depth to see if there are areas of improvement. These improvements could result in money saved, services changed or training programmes introduced.

    What's the purpose?

    To work collaboratively with West Kent staff to support and develop their services to customers. To identify what we do well and areas for improvement. The tenant's perspective is a really important part of this process. 

    How does it work?

    The panel decides on a topic based on performance, complaints data, an upcoming review or resident suggestion. The topic is discussed with the communications and engagement team, and the member of staff whose service is being reviewed. The panel will analyse key performance indicators (KPIs) and outputs, and then will be required to write and submit a report detailing insights and recommendations.

    Meet the panel    Suggest a topic for the scrutiny panel

    Review reports

    Employment and training review