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    Looking after your home

    Once you’ve settled into your new home you need to set up your utility suppliers for water, gas and electricity, and tell your local authority council tax team that you have moved in. We insure the building itself but you are responsible for arranging your own home contents insurance to cover damage to your possessions and decorations caused by fire, flood, storm, or other accident. It’s also a good idea to give a trusted family member or friend a spare key.

    For as long as you live in your home you are responsible for keeping it clean and the interior in good decorative condition. You should look after the kitchen and bathroom fittings and replace items such as toilet seats if necessary. Please ensure fixtures and fittings like doors and windows are used properly and aren’t damaged.

    Please tell us when we need to repair anything that’s our responsibility and let us in to do the work. Details of which repairs are our responsibility and which are yours can be found on the Repairs page.

    We need to come in every year to carry out the annual landlord’s gas safety check and any other inspections of your home we need to make to keep you, your family and your neighbours safe.

    If you consider making any improvements or adaptations to your home - including installing hard wood or laminate flooring, putting up sheds, garages or hard-standing areas such as patios or decking - you must get our permission first and agree to any conditions we set.

    We also expect you to keep the external areas of your home tidy, disposing of any rubbish properly and keeping your garden and any trees and hedges in good shape. You should park vehicles considerately and not use the front garden as a parking space without first getting permission to install a cross-over from the local authority.

    Read full details of our Home Standard.