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    What to expect when move into your new home

    Before you move in:

    We’ll thoroughly check the property to make sure it's safe, clean, secure and in a good state of repair. We’ll tell you about any repairs or improvements we need to carry out - perhaps after you've moved in - and complete various statutory and other checks on the installed services such as the plumbing and electrics.

    We’ll check the condition of any asbestos we know about, give you an Energy Performance Assessment certificate, change the locks and give you two sets of keys. We’ll give you a photo inventory of your new home so we all know its condition when you move in and we’ll confirm if there are any gifted items we expect you to take responsibility for.

    You will find all rooms in your new home are clean, safe, ready for occupation and all fittings are working properly, including kitchens, bathrooms and floors. We’ll make sure there’s no rubbish left behind, walls and ceiling surfaces will be in good condition and ready for decoration, and we’ll provide a decorating pack if we think it will help.

    We’ll carry out a visual check on the exterior of your home including the roof and brickwork, drains, gutters, down-pipes and overflows. We’ll also test the front and rear doors and windows and, if there are windows at first floor and above, we’ll fit child proof restrictors and working locks.

    If you have a garden it will be free of rubbish, ponds will have been emptied and filled in, broken fencing repaired or replaced (depending on the type and location) and paths and paving will be safe and level. We’ll also identify any sheds and other structures that are in reasonable condition and gift them to you.

    Read the full details of our Moving In - Home Standard.