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    Adding your partner to your tenancy

    If you want someone else to become a tenant with you (a joint tenant) you need to complete the form below. If you need help filling in this form or need the form in a different language or format please contact us on 01732 749400.

    You should take some independent advice before you make fill in this form. You can contact Citizens Advice on 01732 865131, or 01732 454443 or 01322 664949. You can contact Shelter on 0808 800 4444.

    If you just need to add a new occupant to your tenancy please email 


    • The person you wish to add to your tenancy must provide some information as part of this application to prove they have the right to be housed by West Kent Housing Association
    • They must have lived in the home for at least one year
    • We will not house people who own property or who have income/savings above the limits that we set
    • We will not allow anyone who already has a tenancy with us to be given another tenancy
    • We do not give permission for any other family members to become joint tenants (e.g. son, daughter). Only partners of the main tenant.
    • Proof of identification

      One document must be provided. This could be:

      • Valid UK passport
      • Valid EU passport or EEA member stage ID card
      • Birth certificate
      • Valid driving licence (green type with photo ID card)
      • Right of Abode
      • Letter from the Immigration and Nationality Directorate (IND document)

      An Inland Revenue tax notification (e.g. notice of coding, tax assessment), P45 or P60 are NOT acceptable forms of identification.

    • Proofs of residency

      Two documents must be provided and must cover at least the whole of the year before you are applying to add someone to your tenancy. This could be:

      • Wage slip
      • Utility bill
      • Bank statement
      • Telephone bill
      • Council tax bill payment card/statement
      • Valid household insurance schedule.

    West Kent has an exclusion policy and will not let someone become a joint tenant if, for example, they owe us money, were evicted before, or caused anti-social behaviour. For further details please ask for a copy of our housing exclusion leaflet.

    If you are unsure whether you are excluded you should contact your tenancy services officer. 

    To be completed by current tenant

    To be completed by you, the tenant

    Your partner
    Living arrangements
    Month and year
    Sign and date
    Personal details

    To be completed by your partner

    Your partner needs to complete the following questions before you can submit your application

    Living arrangements
    Month and year
    Previous addresses
    Home ownership

    Other tenancy arrangements

    Weekly income and savings
    Declaration – please read carefully before signing

    I certify that

    I would like to become a joint tenant with the current tenant at this property (as named above). I realise that if this is agreed, I am jointly and severally responsible for all the terms of the tenancy agreement, including the rent account. I have not been excluded from West Kent Housing Association. There is no reason for West Kent to exclude me. I agree that all the details I have given above are correct. I understand that giving any false information or withholding of information could lead to West Kent refusing this application or ending any tenancy offered to me.