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    Our plans

    Our Strategic Plan 2019 sets out how we will go about achieving our vision to be the leading community provider of affordable homes in Kent. Our aim is to help create in Kent a prosperous, strong and sustainable society; a place of opportunity for all; where people can plan for their futures.

    Where we’ll be in ten years’ time - what will we look like? 

    • We will own and manage more than 10,000 homes, half of which will be in parts of Kent other than where we originated in the Sevenoaks district.
    • We will have provided a range of housing to meet local needs in mixed communities. 
    • We will be organised to deliver consistent, tailored services across the county.
    • 1,300 of our homes will be specifically designed for older people across a mix of tenures.
    • Customers will be able to easily deal with us over a range of channels.
    • Our homes will be warm, well maintained, affordable, and evoke personal pride and satisfaction.
    • We will be a leading agency promoting opportunity and supporting strong, cohesive and inclusive communities across Kent.
    • We will be an attractive and respected employer.

    To realise this future, everything we do will be focused on six strategic objectives:

    • Viability - ensure West Kent stays a vibrant, sustainable organisation.
    • Customers - our residents will enjoy exceptional tailored services and choice.
    • Homes - ensure our homes are warm, well maintained and affordable.
    • Growth - build new homes to meet housing need in Kent and Medway.
    • Older people - be a leader in meeting the accommodation needs of older people in Kent.
    • Community - somewhere to live, something to do and someone to love.

    Read the full Strategic Plan

    Our values

    West Kent has developed its own positive culture of working in partnership with customers and stakeholders, to deliver exceptional services in a friendly, solution focused way.

    We are an independent organisation with a proud history, valued brand and a great reputation as a committed, agile, and responsive partner. However none of these attributes is more important than our reason for being – to meet housing need in Kent.

    Our values guide our staff to give customers a richer experience and staff themselves a greater sense of satisfaction. They guide us to make sound decisions for the business and be responsive to all our stakeholders.

    Our values are:

    • integrity
    • honesty
    • self awareness
    • learning
    • flexibility
    • compassion
    • delivering on our promises
    • working hard and having fun.

    More about our values

    Equality and diversity

    We recognise that to provide excellent services to all, we need a robust analysis and understanding of different needs to ensure our services, facilities and resources are accessible and delivered for the benefit of everyone. 

    We seek to create and sustain a culture that respects and values difference, giving everyone fair access to services and employment opportunities. 

    To find out how we do this read our Equality and Diversity Policy