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    Strategic Plan 2019

    Our vision is to be the leading community provider of affordable homes in Kent.

    We will help to create a prosperous, strong and sustainable society; a place of opportunity for all; where people can plan for their futures.

    To realise this future, everything we do will be focused on six strategic objectives:

    Customers - Our residents will enjoy exceptional tailored services and choice

    We will use customer insight to tailor service delivery to the circumstances of our residents and evolve services to meet changing requirements of customers. This will include developing and monitoring with residents more relevant metrics to measure and understand what we do and how to better identify what we could do differently to influence the shape of services going forward. 

    We will make greater use of technology in our services and homes to improve cost effectiveness, so residents can access services at times that are convinient to them and staff can provide a full service even when away from the office. 

    We will have refined and embedded the changes to service delivery and expectations as set out in Your Home, Your Responsibility, Home Standard and Maintaining your Home in the way we work and to make sure staff and tenants understand responsibilities and expectations. 

    We will support tenants to maintain successful tenancies to give them stability and security as a platform for their aspirations. 

    Homes - Ensure our homes are warm, safe, well maintained and affordable

    We will ensure our homes are warm, well maintained, affordable and evoke personal pride.

    We will re-procure our maintenance services.

    We will review the rents we charge to keep them affordable to our residents

    Growth - Build new homes to meet housing need in Kent and Medway

    We will complete 2,495 new homes (2019-2026) for rent and home ownership, managed homes will be 9,547 by 2026 excluding stock rationalisation and leaseholders. 

    We will develop and sell homes to help pay for our new homes on Social and Affordable rents. 

    We will acquire stock from others who operate in Kent. 

    Older People - Be a leader in meeting the accommodation needs of older people in Kent

    We will celebrate age by creating thriving and sustainable communities to promote and support active ageing and freedom of choice.

    We will provide quality homes, services to support independence, choice through information and advice, and support active ageing through engagement and staying connected.

    Community - Somewhere to live, someone to love and something to do

    We will work to understand the unmet needs of Kent communities and exceptional services to meet those needs.

    We will work in partnership with organisations who share our ethos and approach to lead or support service delivery and to influence for change. We will use our resources wisely and not duplicate the work of others unnecessarily. 

    We will seek to empower communities and individuals within them to support themselves in the long term. These will enable us to re-use our resources effectively to support other communities with unmet needs. 

    We will seek to influence partners, stakeholders and funders to tackle unmet needs across Kent. We believe that we have a strong insight into Kent communities and will share this with partners to support strong communities. 

    Viability - Ensure West Kent stays a vibrant, sustainable organisation

    We will increase our efficiency, to respond to pressure on our income, and to build our capacity to do more. 

    We will remain an attractive employer, with an engaged workforce, who have the tools to deliver our promises to customers. 

    We will provide our staff and customers with the means to access relevant , timely information easily.

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