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    We want to continue to deliver excellent services in a friendly, solution-focused way.

    By 2025, we will: Customer Service Advisor

    • Achieve upper quartile customer satisfaction
    • Improve the customer experience by providing easy
      to use services with greater access and choice, investing
      in digital channels.
    • Know who we house: customer insight drives our service
      strategy that will offer choice and flexibility as our
      customer life-needs change over time.
    • Create an older persons’ ‘hub’ in urban areas of Sevenoaks
      district – Swanley, Edenbridge and Sevenoaks town. Seek to
      replicate partnership approach across Kent.
    • Investigate and develop tenure options for our older persons’
      accommodation such as housing for sale, shared ownership
      and market rent where there is a clear demand.
    • Develop an approach for Dementia Friends or other
      accreditation for staff and contractors.

    Residents Annual Report

    The West Kent residents annual report 2019 was produced in consultation with residents and gives a snapshot of our performance over the last year. It’s an opportunity for us to let you know what we’ve been doing, and to show that we are delivering on our promises.

    It provides an overview of our finances, complaints, safety and our resident involvement offer. Residents asked us to include information about our community services, so this has been added, along with case studies, so we can show how we are making a difference. 

    This year’s report also includes an introduction from Alison, one of the residents who helped create this report:  Cover page of residents annual report

    "I am one of the group of residents who worked with West Kent’s engagement team to see how the Residents’ Annual Report could be improved. I think it is commendable and also encouraging for the residents that West Kent have asked for our input and I am pleased to see that working together has enabled them to make many of the changes we suggested. West Kent really does make a great effort to listen to their residents, not just on this subject but in other areas too. I hope that many more of you will consider participating in resident involvement; it can be very rewarding. The engagement team are very friendly and approachable. Plus, transport is provided or reimbursement made for petrol and parking – and there’s always a good lunch! Come and join us!"

    Read our Residents Annual Report 

    If you have any questions about the report, or would like to know more about resident involvement at West Kent, email