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    Our iNHomes team are coming to an end of their five-year programme, where they have replaced 350 back boilers, providing residents with a new cleaner, efficient and user-friendly system.

    Under 50 of our 6,562 rented homes still have old back boiler systems, which will be replaced by the end of 2018.

    Mark Mason, Installation Manager says: “the programme will ensure residents have warm homes with a reliable, modern heating system which will hopefully help save money on their energy bills, and reduce the amount of maintenance and repair appointments needed”.

    We are encouraging all residents included in the programme to allow access for these programmed works, as we are no longer carrying out repairs to back boilers. If the system fails, residents may have to wait a while without heating and hot water until a replacement boiler can be installed.

    Here’s some heating top tips to make sure your home is kept warm, while keeping your gas bills down:

    • Use your central heating timer instead of the thermostat to control your heating
    • Turn your thermostat down- even one degree could save you up to £80 per year
    • Keep your radiators clear. Furniture in front of radiators will absorb a lot of the heat
    • Use thermal or heavy curtains during the winter, and close them at dusk so heat doesn’t escape through the windows
    • Run your heating for an hour less each day- even using a little less energy every day adds up to big savings over time.

    Please contact our Customer Services team at if you have any repair requests or replacement enquiries.

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