What would you like to search for?

    There are several exciting opportunities, and we’d love you to take part in as many as you can.

    These opportunities are open to all our residents and if you are interested, please get in touch.

    • Resident inspectors

      Join our existing group of resident inspectors, where you’ll carry out regular inspections of your estates. You’ll submit feedback letting us know what is good, and what needs improving, and we’ll feed back your suggestions to the teams that deliver these services.

    • Resident influencers

      This involves reviewing current and proposed new policies. You’ll provide feedback and suggestions on how you think they could be more effective and easier to understand. If you register with us, we’ll let you know when a review or consultation is due to start, and you can choose if you want to be involved.

      Some of the policies we’re looking at this year are:

      • Estate services and grounds maintenance review
      • Maintaining your home standard
      • Fire safety policy review
      • Damp and mould policy review
      • Compensation policy
      • Pets policy review
      • Complaint procedure review

      Or to get involved right away you can view our current consultations.

    • Scrutiny panel

      West Kent's scrutiny panel is a small group of residents that take a look at particular areas in need of improvement.

      The panel meets regularly to consider how we can deliver better service to our residents and discuss their findings. Their recommendations are then presented to the Board by members of the panel.

      Find out more about our scrutiny panel

    • Contractor representatives

      This involves attending meetings with our repairs team and contractors, to discuss best practices, offer feedback and suggestions. You will be the voice of residents.

    • Neighbourhood inspections

      Our neighbourhood housing officers (NHOs) and resident involvement team regularly visit neighbourhoods to ensure the area you live in is safe and being managed well.

      We want to encourage residents to join the inspections to help us understand the issues that are important to you in the neighbourhood you live.

      Find out more about the inspections

    • Mystery shoppers

      This involves testing our systems and procedures. It will include speaking to our customer services team and feeding back on your experience. 

    • Communications co-production group

      An exciting project where residents will support the communications and marketing team at West Kent in creating, shaping, and evaluating campaigns and publications. 

      There will be opportunities for members of this group to learn about communications and marketing, to develop their skills, and maybe even attend training with leading experts in the field.