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    Our values

    West Kent is known for its positive culture of working in partnership with customers and stakeholders to deliver exceptional services in a friendly, solution-focused way.

    Our values guide our staff to give customers a richer experience and staff themselves a greater sense of satisfaction. They guide us to make sound decisions for the business and be responsive to all our stakeholders. 

    Our valuesOur values are:

    • Delivering on our promises - doing what we say, when we say we'll do it
    • Integrity - letting your moral compass keep you on the right track
    • Flexibility - doing the right thing so you get the right result
    • Compassion - putting yourself in the other person's place
    • Self awareness - knowing yourself and the impact you have
    • Honesty - saying and doing the right thing, even when it's hard
    • Learning - improving by exploring what's there beyond what you know
    • Working hard and having fun - choosing to enjoy the people and the job.