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    As an organisation we are continually working to improve or refine our services based on resident feedback.

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    So, how are we performing?

    Overall, we’re doing well, but we do have some work to do. From the various methods of feedback, we’ve identified three key areas where we could do better. 

    Tenant Satisfaction Measure (TSM) results

    • Communication

      This is specifically related to keeping you updated, whether it’s with repairs, complaints or just someone calling you back.

      Here’s what we’re doing to make improvements:

      • Retraining staff on effective communications
      • Introduction of a new computer system, Cx, in October 2023. This system will make monitoring and access to all notes easier and more effective.
      • Increased monitoring of tasks through Cx.
    • Day-to-day repairs

      This is specifically related to the time taken to complete a repair and follow up repairs. Here’s what we’re doing to make improvements:

      • Once you report a repair the customer service adviser will complete a ‘roundup’ to make sure they’ve fully understood the purpose of your call. This is to prevent any delays and to make sure the correct operative is sent to your home.
      • We’ll tell you how long it may take for someone to come and see you and for your repair to be completed.
      • If it hasn’t been possible to complete your repair on the first visit, we’ll keep you updated about why and what the next steps are.
    • When you contact us

      Specifically around being treated individually when you speak with us or when handling a complaint. Here’s what we’re doing to make improvements:

      • All staff complete a training programme to enhance and maintain their customer service skills
      • Regular reviews of interactions are conducted through call monitoring 
      • New customer service standards were introduced.