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    As an organisation we are continually working to improve or refine our services based on resident feedback.

    We do this in several ways:

    • We monitor our services against key performance indicators such as how long it takes us to get a vacant home ready for a new resident as well as how many complaints didn’t comply with our standards.
    • We ask you to rate us after you’ve had a repair, moved to a new home, spoken with our customer services team, or when you contact us about antisocial behaviour or to make a complaint. For this we use a company called Rant and Rave, they email, text or in some cases call to see how satisfied you are.
    • Four times a year a company called Acuity contact a number of you by phone to ask you the Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs). TSMs are a requirement from the Regulator of Social Housing, which all housing providers must complete on a yearly basis. There are 20 questions which explore how satisfied you are with how West Kent listens to your views, and acts on them, how satisfied you are with West Kent’s approach to complaints, antisocial behaviour and keeping you informed for example. Find out more about TSMs here.
    • We look at how other housing associations in a similar area and of a similar size are performing and how we rank against them.
    • We actively ask for input from residents on changes that will directly affect you. Resident involvement supports future changes to services, technology, processes and more.

    You can read more about resident involvement here