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    We know the extreme weather and the cost of living are making heating homes more challenging than before. To help you keep warm and look after your home, we have a list of top tips to help you this winter. 

    A picture of a heating thermostat

    • Where possible leave your heating on a low temperature as this can ensure your home stays warm and can prevent frozen pipes, which can occur in some cases. 
    • Set your heating to come on just before you get up and switch off after you've gone to bed. If it's very cold, set your heating to come on earlier and turn off later rather than turning the thermostat up. 
    • If you can't heat all the rooms you use, heat the living room throughout the day and your bedroom just before you go to bed. Remember to close curtains, blinds and doors to keep heat in the rooms you use most. 
    • Consider adding draft excluders to maximise the heat in the house and minimise drafts and cold getting in. 
    • Ensure extractor fans are switched on. 
    • If you have them, do no cover air bricks. 
    • Use trickle vents on your windows (if you have them) or slightly open windows during the day to aid ventilation. 
    • Avoid using tumble dryers that ventilate into the property. 

    For more information on tackling damp, mould and condensation in your home, please visit here. 

    If you are struggling to heat your home, pay your bills or need further support, remember we are here for you. Visit the Help for you page for more information. 

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