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    When it’s time to move on

    Ending a tenancy and moving home can be stressful – whether you are moving into another West Kent property or to somewhere else, there's a lot to think about.

    Before you move out of your home you must give us four weeks' notice in writing and let us in to check whether you need to do any work on the home (such as decorating) before you move out.

    Read our full Moving out home standard.

    • General Information

      Before you move you should clear any debts with your utility companies, take meter readings and close your accounts. Don’t forget to let the local authority council tax team know you’re moving out.

      You must return all the keys you were issued with at the start of the tenancy, including any entrance and car park fobs, shed or outbuilding keys and window lock keys plus any keys or cards for the meter.

      If you want to continue receiving housing benefit at your new home, you must tell the council your new address as soon as possible. You will usually have to fill in a new claim form before the date your new tenancy starts, or they will not backdate the start of the claim.

    • Inside the property

      Remember the photo-inventory we gave you when you moved in? Please use it as a guide to help you leave your home in the same condition you found it. This means:

      • thoroughly cleaning the property throughout
      • removing all personal items and disposing of household and garden rubbish responsibly
      • removing any nails and screws and filling any holes in walls and doors
      • replacing your own electrical items with standard fittings
      • ensuring all doors, drawers and shelves for cupboards are in place along with bathroom and kitchen sink fittings
      • removing any carpets and floor coverings, shelves or fitted cupboards and any other improvements you’ve made unless we tell you they can remain
      • decorating if we have requested this at our inspection.
    • Outside

      You must remove and dispose of:

      • rubbish from the garden, sheds and garages
      • unauthorised outdoor improvements including garden sheds - unless we tell you they can remain
      • garden ponds – remove and fill in.