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    Ending a friend or family member's tenancy

    We recognise that you or your family are going through a very difficult time and we do make allowances where possible.

    You will need to terminate the tenancy by giving four weeks notice by phone or in writing.

    We charge rent and any service charges for the whole notice period or until the keys are returned if this is after the notice period. You can return the keys during the notice period but rent and service charges will still be charged until the end of the notice period, because only then can we re let the home to a new tenant.

    Before returning the keys you should make sure the property and garden is clear of all furniture, personal belongings and rubbish. All carpets must be removed and the property left in a clean and clear condition. Any damage should be repaired. We will charge you if any of these items are not done.

    • What happens to housing benefit?

      Housing benefit (HB) for some or all of the rent (including some service and support charges) will stop if:

      • The tenant moves to a nursing home or residential care home permanently. HB may be paid during a trial period but as soon as you accept a permanent move it will stop. This means the tenant's family or estate will have to continue paying the rent until the Monday after the keys are returned.
      • The tenant dies. The council will stop paying HB on the first Sunday after the death. This means the tenant’s family or estate must pay the rent until the Monday after the keys are returned.
      • The tenant has left the property and does not intend to return.
    • Taking over the tenancy when someone dies

      When a tenant dies it may be possible for a relative or partner who was living with him/her at the time of death to take over the tenancy, depending on the type of tenancy held. By partner we mean a husband, wife or someone who lives with the tenant, as their partner as the time of their death. This is called succession. 

      Find out more about succession