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    We provide affordable housing for those who may struggle to meet prices in the open market. We offer a range of housing to meet local needs, building vibrant, diverse communities where people of all ages and differing economic status can live happily together. 

    Working alongside local authorities, we’re committed to offering housing association homes to people with priority on their housing registers. Our ambitious building programme means there's never been a better time to think about shared ownership. And we aim to be a leader in meeting the accommodation needs of older people in Kent.

    Read our Housing Options Policy and learn how West Kent can meet your housing needs. 

    West Kent tenants who want to move

    If you’re already renting a home from West Kent, but it’s no longer suitable, you can join the housing register by applying to Kent Homechoice. Alternatively, you’ll be able to move much more quickly through one of these options:

    • Mutual exchange - swap your home with another tenant

      A mutual exchange is when two or more tenants exchange (swap) their homes.

      Each tenant must move into their exchange partner’s property and take on responsibility for that tenancy.

      If you are thinking of exchanging, you first need to find an exchange partner. Some people find successful exchanges on Facebook, but we advise using HomeSwapper to register your details and look for an exchange. 

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    • Move to a smaller home

      You can apply to the housing register for the area where you want to live and bid on smaller homes. You may qualify for help through our 'Small is Beautiful’ or discretionary payment schemes.

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    • Emerald - homes for over 55s

      Our Emerald homes are available to rent for people aged 55 and over. We offer quality homes, choice and flexible services as well as a wide range of activities across three housing options.

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    • Shared ownership

      You could buy a share in a new home and pay rent to a landlord on the part you don't own. If you can't afford to buy a property outright, shared ownership (or low cost home ownership) might be suitable for you.

      Shared ownership means you part buy a percentage of the property and rent the remainder from a landlord (usually a housing association).

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    • Private rent
      • Private renting: The Shelter website has useful information about how to rent privately. If you don’t have the cash for a tenancy deposit, you may be able to apply for a rent deposit, rent guarantee or bond scheme from your local council. Visit Crisis to search for a variety of help in your area.
      • House sharing: Sharing a home with others can be cheaper than renting on your own. Websites like Gumtree and Spareroom advertise shared accommodation. For information on rights and responsibilities when sharing a house visit the Shelter website.

    • Disabled adaptations to help you to stay in your current home

      We have an enablement service for residents who need adaptations to help them be independent in their homes.

      • If you need minor changes, such as a grab rail or different taps please call 01732 749400 and ask for the Emerald enablement service.
      • If you need more major adaptations, for example a level access shower or increased space, an assessment from an Occupational Therapist at Social Services will be needed. You may then be able to apply for a disabled facilities grant from the local authority to fund the adaptations recommended. We won't always agree to major changes to your home - especially where you have more bedrooms than you need or if it's possible to find another home more suitable for your disability.

      Our enablement service will help you find the right option and support you to make the application for grant, or liaise with other teams or organisations if appropriate.

    • Overcrowding

      You may feel that you need more space but your home is only considered overcrowded according to the allocations policy for the area where you wish to live.

      • If you think you are overcrowded you should complete the housing register application at Kent Homechoice.
      • If you just want more space you could consider the alternative options described on this page.