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    If we get things wrong, we want to make them right and learn from our mistakes. Putting things right sometimes involves compensation. We define compensation as something offered by us to say sorry and put right a loss or inconvenience we have caused. We're reviewing how we compensate and charge for missed repair appointments. Missed appointment charges and payments are suspended while we carry out this review. 

    Every claim for compensation is different, however here are some examples when we may pay compensation:

    • Loss of amenities such a heating or hot water
    • Being unable to use one of the rooms in your home
    • Damage to your property/belongings caused by us or a contractor working for us
    • When we have recommended/provided a dehumidifier

    We might not consider your compensation claim if you tell us more than three months after the event.

    How can I claim compensation?

    Please complete the compensation form below and give us as many details as possible such as:

    • Details of damage including photographs
    • Receipts and information of financial loss
    • Relevant dates and names of staff you have dealt with

    We'll acknowledge your claim within two working days and investigate it within ten working days. We may contact you to arrange a visit to inspect any damage or pass your claim to our insurers, who may ask you for more information.

    If we agree to pay your claim, we’ll contact you to arrange the payment. However, if you have rent arrears, we may pay your compensation into your rent account.

    If we don’t agree to pay your claim, you can ask for the claim to be looked at through our complaints procedure.

    View our full compensation policy

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