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    Report and Consolidated Financial Statements

    2021 has been a year of consolidation for West Kent and laying firm foundations for delivering the planned changes for how we provide our services. Our adapted ways of working introduced in 2020 in response to the covid pandemic have been invaluable throughout 2021, helping us again to deliver strong performance across our key service measures.

    It was a testament to our staff and partners that we were a finalist at the 2021 UK Housing Awards in recognition of the range and pace of digital initiatives we introduced that led to improved outcomes for our customers. Other highlights include;

    • Achieving an operating margin of 25.1%, an interest cover of 220% and surplus for the financial year of £11.1m.
    • The launch of our new customer experience strategy with the introduction of a dedicated customer resolution team, a call back service to improve response time for customers and new customer satisfaction surveys.
    • Achieving 89.4% on our right first time promise (compared to 88% last year and 88% target) and delivering on our Kent Excellent Homes for All contract key performance indicators.
    • Increasing our support for residents as we see the continuation of increased mental health issues and community safety cases, the launch of our domestic violence policy, achieving arrears of 1.98% (compared with 2.07% last year and against a 3% target).
    • Continuing to adapt our work in communities with ongoing covid restrictions and doubling our impact in 2021 by helping 75 people into work, delivering youth sessions with 1,653 engagements, bringing in £1.5m of third party investment for our communities and supporting residents to deliver the first tenant scrutiny panel review.
    • Achieving 94.6% delivery on our repairs promise (compared to 95.9% last year and 94% target), maintaining good building safety compliance performance, initiating an improvement plan for our voids management to further improve on our days to re-let of 40 days (compared to 52 last year and 32 days target).
    • Increasing our homes in management by 185 new build, achieving £12.4m through the sale of 100 shared ownership homes (against the target of £13.7m for 109 homes due to handovers slipping into 2022 reflecting delays in both completions of development works and legals). This includes the new over 55s scheme, Repton Court in Ashford.
    • Effectively manage our services, ensuring no backlog for repairs or properties to let as the country faced the third covid lockdown. At the same time progressing the ‘design phase’ for implementing our new housing system and remodelling our head office in Sevenoaks to better support a more flexible way of working for staff and we modernise our services and how we work.

    Chief Executive, Tracy Allison comments: “In 2021 we completed a great piece of work to find out what matters most to our customers. We will use this to shape our service improvement plans and how we invest in our current properties. Our priority in 2022 is to provide homes and communities our customers are proud to live in.”

    Read our full Report and Consolidated Financial Statements.

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