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    We have applied for planning permission to replace 18 outdated homes in Swanley, with 22 new permanent family homes. The new homes in Heath Close will be net-zero carbon ready, providing great energy efficiency for our residents and meeting the highest sustainability standards. 

    The new homes will be a mix of three-bedroom houses and two-bedroom apartments, offering local families in need a safe and warm place to call home.  

    The existing scheme of one and two-bedroom flats was built in the early 1990s, offering temporary accommodation that was best practice at that time. The design of the homes, particularly the use of shared bathrooms, is recognised as no longer suitable or appropriate for families, and they have also become difficult to maintain and heat efficiently over the years. 

    The new development will provide 22 new energy efficient homes, with one flat being developed specifically for a wheelchair user and all homes being designed to be net-zero carbon ready. There will be a communal open space for the homes, as well as private space of either balconies or gardens for each apartment. Every home will have its own individual, private garden.  

    An architect's impression of plans for the new homes in Heath Close
    An architect's impression of plans for the new homes in Heath Close

    Anabel Palmer, Executive Director of Development and Partnerships at West Kent, said; ‘We recognise there is a need for more affordable housing for people across Kent and the plans for these new homes in Swanley plays a part in our wider development ambitions for the years ahead. We hope to find out the decision on the application on 20 May, with a proposed ground-break in September 2024. These new homes will create quality affordable accommodation with the highest energy efficiency standards alongside attractive and well-designed external spaces for families, both now and in the future.’ 

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    A General Election will be held on Thursday 4 July 2024.

    A Parliamentary General Election has been called and will be held on Thursday 4 July 2024.


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