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    We want to make sure the water supply to your home is healthy and bacteria- free. Harmful bacteria can build up in your taps, shower head and pipes.

    Follow the top tips below to keep your home safe and your water clean.

    1. Set the thermostat on the hot water cylinder to at least 60°C.
    2. Clean and descale showerheads every three months, at the same time run water from the shower hose for two minutes.
    3. Flush through any taps and showers that you don’t use very often at least weekly, so the water in your pipes is fresh.
    4. If your home is empty for more than seven days, run all hot and cold water taps for at least a minute, and flush any toilets when you return. This will refresh the water in the storage cylinders, tanks and pipes. 
    5. Do not disturb cold water storage tanks. Leave them sealed, insulated and covered with the right lid. Contact us if your storage tank is damaged or if the lid or insulation is missing.
    6. Clean any water softeners fitted to the incoming mains water supply as recommended by the manufacturer.


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