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The full service of Universal Credit has now started to roll-out throughout the country and will start to replace a range of benefits for working age people.

We have teamed up with Quids In, a national money advice magazine, to bring you the latest information and advice to help you understand how this may affect you. Their Universal Credit guide is included with the summer edition of Neighbourhood News and it's full of useful hints and tips on how to prepare and navigate any potential pitfalls with the changes. There are also some great articles from experts such as Martin Lewis which will help you take control of your finances.

You will be informed by your local job centre once you need to claim Universal Credit but please remember that this is only for working age people so if you are a pensioner you don't need to worry about any changes to your benefits.

There is lots more information about Universal Credit including how to apply at but for any specific queries please contact your local job centre.

Enjoy the magazine!

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Earlier this summer we launched our Instagram page with a social media competition for young people.


Platinum Housing Footprint awarded from RSPCA

We are proud to be awarded a Platinum Housing Footprint in the RSPCA's 2018 Community Animal Welfare Footprints (CAWF) awards.