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    The Met Office has issued a weather warning for this weekend.

    Storm Ciara is expected to bring power loss, flooding and travel disruption to much of the UK until midnight on Sunday.

    During severe weather, we will focus on dealing with emergency response so planned appointments may need to be re-arranged for a later date. If we need to move your appointment, we will contact you. In this instance we do not pay the £20 missed appointment compensation. 

    These events also put high demand on our phone system so you may experience delays. If your enquiry is not urgent, please consider phoning later or emailing You can also contact us on Facebook and Twitter.

    Follow the Met Office's advice, so you know what to do:

    Before the storm:

    • Secure loose objects such as ladders, garden furniture or anything else that could be blown into windows - and make sure your home contents insurance covers glazing
    • Close and securely fasten doors and windows
    • Park vehicles in a garage (if available). Otherwise, keep them clear of buildings, trees, walls and fences

    During the storm:

    • Stay indoors if you can
    • If you do go out, try not to walk or shelter close to buildings and trees
    • Keep away from the sheltered side of boundary walls and fences - if these structures fail, they will collapse on this side
    • Do not go outside to repair damage while the storm is in progress
    • If possible, enter and leave your house through doors in the sheltered side, closing them behind you
    • Do not drive unless your journey is really necessary.

    After the storm

    • Make sure that any vulnerable neighbours or relatives are safe, and help them make arrangements for any repairs.

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