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    The Regulator of Social Housing has reviewed West Kent as part of their annual stability check, and has once again awarded us the highest rating, G1 and V1.

    The Regulator completes an assessment each year and looks at social housing providers’ governance (G) and financial viability (V). It looks at our returns and correspondence with them, and checks to see if there are any areas of concern.

    This year, the regulator was particularly interested in how social housing landlords responded to the Covid-19 pandemic, while still continuing services and providing value for money for residents.

    Tracy Allison, Chief Executive says: “I am very pleased that our governance and viability rating from the Regulator of Social Housing has been reconfirmed at the highest grading of G1 and V1.”

    Craig Reynolds, Finance Director added: “This is fantastic news and means we’re recognised as a well-managed financially stable housing provider. This is a result of continual reporting to the Regulator on how West Kent is getting on.”

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