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    Cats and dogs are now allowed in most West Kent homes. Following consultation with residents we are changing our pets policy so that more residents can enjoy the benefits of pet ownership.

    Any animal lover will tell you that their pet becomes a much-loved member of the family and a big part of their everyday lives. A furry (or feathery, or scaly!) friend can have a positive effect on mental health, loneliness and can help lower stress levels. Studies have also shown that owning a pet can improve physical health too, by encouraging an active lifestyle. Pug dog and ginger cat

    Julie Terry, Tenancy Services Manager explains,

    “From June, we will be accepting applications for pet ownership from many residents who previously weren’t able to keep a cat or dog at their property. Unfortunately, some homes will remain unsuitable due to their size or type, but we have tried to include as many homes as possible in the changes. Initial meetings have been held at our Emerald (over 50s) schemes to discuss the changes and feedback has been really positive.” 

    The application process will be carefully managed and will ensure residents understand all the responsibilities of owning a pet before their applications are accepted. Residents will be provided with guidance on animal welfare and tips for keeping their cat or dog happy and healthy. We will also be encouraging residents to adopt a cat or dog from an animal shelter to give loving homes to animals who have been mistreated or were unwanted by previous owners. Julie adds,

    “Owning a pet comes with a lot of responsibility but can be genuinely life-changing. We already have a waiting list of residents who want to apply to keep a pet and we are looking forward to meeting lots of new arrivals over the coming months”!

    You can find out more about the West Kent pets policy and pet application process here 

    Or come along to this month's Love Your Dog Roadshow, details can be found on our events page. 




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