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    Fire engineMake time for the unsung heros in your home

    Kent Fire and Rescue Service (KFRS) is renewing its appeal to residents to have smoke alarms fitted on each floor of their homes and to test them weekly to ensure they will work when they are needed.

    Most people tend to think that having a fire in the home is unlikely to happen to them, but fires can start without warning and when you least expect it, causing damage to your home and potential injury.

    This spring, KFRS is supporting the latest National family-friendly campaign from Fire Kills, which encourages smoke alarms to be seen as the family home’s ‘unsung hero’. Firefighters will be encouraging residents to make a pledge to test their smoke alarms weekly, and to link it to weekly activity that they carry out.

    KFRS fire safety manager Martin Skeet said: “We recommend that you build in testing your smoke alarm as part of your regular routine alongside another weekly event, such as watching a favourite television programme or after picking the kids up from a weekly club.

    “Working smoke alarms provide early warning in the unfortunate event of a fire, allowing vital time for occupants to escape from their home. Smoke alarms really do save lives, as we have seen on numerous occasions, so by getting in to the habit of testing them weekly you can make sure they will work when you need them most.”

    He added: “I would also advise all households to make an escape plan and practice it with each member of the family so that everyone knows what to do in the event of a fire.”

    If you discover a fire in your home, leave your property immediately, close the internal doors behind you where possible and call 999 for help. Never go back inside, or try to tackle the fire yourself.

    For information about the free advice and services Kent Fire and Rescue Service offers call 0800 923 7000 or visit

    Visit our fire safety page for advice about reducing the fire risk in your home. 

    Photo credit: Kent Fire and Rescue Service

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