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    Get ready to go to the polls on 12 December

    A general election has been called for 12 December, which means Councils are busy preparing for the third election this year. 

    Only people age 18 and over, and who are registered will be able to vote. If you're not already registered, you need to do this by 26 November. It only takes five minutes, so don't miss your chance to have your say on 12 December!

    You can find out more by visiting or calling your local council. 


    7 November 2019

    West Kent grant funds Halstead walking group

    Halstead Walking Group has received a £375 grant from West Kent’s Linda Hogan Community Fund to help invite new walkers to their historic and…


    West Kent goes east!

    We're building 66 new homes for rent and shared ownership in Walmer