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    This week we're celebrating Gas Safety Week, which sees organisations from across the UK working together to raise awareness of the dangers of poorly maintained gas appliances, which can cause gas leaks, fires, explosions and carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. Gas Safety Week logo

    It's our legal duty as your landlord to make sure the home you rent is safe. Part of our duty is to complete a gas safety check each year.

    We know it's tempting to delay your annual gas check, you probably can think of at least a hundred better ways to spend that time, but please don't. 

    We have to check your gas every year, it's the law. If we don't do it in time, we cut off your gas supply and you will be without it until we can reschedule your appointment. You won't be a priority if you cancelled so it could be days before we reconnect you. 

    The law is there to protect you. Faulty gas appliances can cause carbon monoxide poisoning, explosions and death. Don't risk it. If you receive a letter from us for your annual gas check, make arrangements to be there for it. 


    16 September 2019

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