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    We are now offering ‘any day Direct Debits’ for people who pay their rent monthly, giving you more choice and control about when you pay your rent.

    If you pay monthly, you can choose any date between 1 and 26 of each month for the money to be taken from your bank. Weekly payments can be taken on either a Thursday or Friday. If your payment date falls on a weekend or bank holiday, we will take the payment on the next working day. We’ll never take direct debit payments early.

    Craig Reynolds, Finance Director says, “We’ve recently reviewed the Finance team and are working to provide our tenants a tailored, time and cost-effective service. Any day Direct Debits give control back to residents and offer a wider variety of payment options to suit them.”

    We also have paperless Direct Debits, so if you would like to set up or change a Direct Debit, please call 01732 749400. We can collect them weekly, fortnightly or monthly – whichever is most convenient for you.

    Remember your rent is a priority payment and you can lose your home if you don’t pay when you should. If you are having trouble paying your rent, please visit our this page.

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