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    Sevenoaks District Council has been working to establish a volunteer register scheme for those wishing to volunteer and the means for residents to log or call in with a request for practical assistance.

    Volunteers can register online via

    Any volunteer registering will receive a Community Volunteer lanyard with an unique identification number on. These can either be collected from the Council’s Reception (while it remains open) or posted. The resident being assisted can, if they wish, phone the Council’s Contact Centre to check the identification of the volunteer.

    Residents can phone or complete an online form to request practical assistance. This request will be sent through to the listed volunteer lead for the Parish/Town.

    Sevenoaks Council has been pulling together a list of lead volunteers and volunteers but do have some gaps in the areas listed below. If you know of anyone volunteering in this area and are able to fill in any of these gaps, please do get in touch.

    . Farningham
    . Knockholt
    . Brasted
    . Sundridge
    . Chevening
    . Hextable
    . Leigh
    . Westerham
    . Crockam Hill

    If you and your volunteers would like to register and receive a numbered Community Voluntary lanyard please do so either online by completing online form or by calling the Council’s Contact Centre on 01732 227000. The lanyards are printed and ready to be distributed.

    Should you have any questions or feedback please contact Sevenoaks District Council's Communities Team at

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    COVID-19 scam warning

    Kent police and Neighbourhood Watch have been made aware that criminals are attempting to scam those who are vulnerable during the Covid-19 outbreak.