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    If you, or someone you know, hangs onto an excessive number of things, keeping them in a chaotic manner, hoarding may have become a problem.

    It’s important to tell us if you know of a tenant who may be hoarding. We recognise it can be a very difficult issue to deal with, but we can help if we know about it. It’s important to tell us, because hoarding has risks, including:

    • Risk to the tenant – tripping is more likely if there are lots of items to fall over.
    • Risk to others – it can be difficult for us to gain access and carry out important gas, electric and asbestos checks.
    • Fire – a fire occurred in a West Kent home last year, which caused damage to not just one home, but the homes either side as well. The fire spread very quickly because of the multiple items stored in the garden.
    • Pests – A build up of rubbish or items may cause pest infestations.

    We'll always try and work with someone who is hoarding and we recognise that involving support agencies and specialists, such as Kent Fire and Rescue Service, to provide solutions is important.

    If we're not able to help someone and the hoarding continues, we have to take action to protect our property and other residents so we can take enforcement action against the tenant, which can mean going court.


    To talk to us about hoarding call our customer services team on 01732 749400

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