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    West Kent provides housing and community services across Kent and Medway. We are committed to promoting equality, valuing diversity and treating everyone fairly.

    As West Kent employs more than 250 people it is required by the Government to publish details of its gender pay gap, specifically the difference in average female earnings compared to average male earnings.

    On 4 April 2019, we had 273 employees (258 in 2018). 70% of employees were female (72% in 2018) and 30% of employees were male (28% in 2018).   

    We pay a spot salary for each of our job roles and all roles are independently benchmarked.  Men and women are paid equally in the same roles, irrespective of their length of service. The average female employee at West Kent earns 17% less than the average male employee.  This pay gap reflects the wide range of job roles available. In 2020, we will be carrying out an equal pay audit to ensure there is fairness across the range of roles we have.

    Some jobs have traditionally attracted more male applicants (for example trades) or female applicants (for example extra care and support staff) and we are working to challenge this, one vacancy at a time.  We have a female plumbing apprentice and a female manager of a gas team along with female surveyors and finance managers. At least two thirds of our managers in every quartile are female, reflecting the fact that our organisation is two thirds female. 61% of managers in the top quartile are female and this is set to increase.

    Our gender pay gap data challenges us to reinforce our resolve to recruit and select fairly, without discrimination; and, to encourage and support our workforce to develop in the career path of their choosing. 

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    I declare that the information contained in this report is accurate.

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    Tracy Allison, Chief Executive

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