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    Many of our residents are living in homes that are now too big for them. Demand for family sized homes is rising and there is an increasing need for us to free up bigger family homes.

    There is a limited amount of funding available on a first come, first served basis to help you to do this through the two schemes detailed here. This runs out quickly, so speak to us as soon as you can if you want to downsize.

    • Small is Beautiful

      You may be eligible for the 'Small is Beautiful' scheme, which helps you downsize to a home more suited to your needs. It offers financial support to help you move. To qualify for our Small is Beautiful incentive scheme you must: 

      • Have a fully assured tenancy
      • Be living in a general needs home with two or more bedrooms
      • Be willing and eligible to move into smaller sized accommodation releasing at least one bedroom
      • Be moving to another West Kent home or a home with another registered social landlord through choice-based lettings.

      Priority will be given to tenants aged 50 and over, but tenants of any age can apply. 

      How much is the incentive?

      The financial incentive depends on the size of home you're moving from, and how many bedrooms you’re releasing. We will pay £500 for each bedroom you release plus a further £1,000 one-off downsizing grant. (We reserve the right to deduct any recharges from the final incentive payment and we may agree to deduct any arrears to enable you to move).

    • Discretionary grants

      If you are under-occupying one of our homes and wish to move somewhere smaller by doing a mutual exchange you may be eligible for a discretionary grant of £500 to help with moving expenses and/or to clear outstanding rent arrears so you can move. 

      This is a one-off payment to you, or if you are in arrears to your rent account. The fund is limited, and we cannot help every case. To qualify for this payment you must:

      • Be a tenant of West Kent
      • Hold an Assured Tenancy (includes Affordable Rent Tenancies but excludes Assured Shorthold Tenancies, Starter Tenancies or tenancies that have been demoted).
      • Be moving by a mutual exchange (if moving with rent arrears you must be moving within West Kent stock), or through the local housing register.
      • Demonstrate that you are under-occupying i.e. your home is too large when measured against the Department of Work & Pensions Housing Benefit Bedroom Standard and the new home is the correct size.

    For more information on downsizing, please complete the contact form below.

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