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    Tenancy fraud is when someone lives in one of our homes without the right to do so.

    Tenancy fraud can seriously affect those who are in need of social housing. It is a breach of tenancy, and also illegal.

    Here are the types of common tenancy fraud:

    • Unlawful subletting - when a tenant rents out all, or part of their home to someone else without our permission. (The ‘sub-tenant’ may be seen to be participating in fraud and as such may be committing a criminal offence).
    • Obtaining housing by deception - when a person applying for housing knowingly gives false information in their application.
    • Unlawful succession - when someone who is not entitled to the property takes over the tenancy.
    • Key selling – when a tenant moves out and sells their key to someone else (both parties may be seen to be working together to commit fraud and may face prosecution).
    • Mutual exchange fraud – when a tenant swaps their West Kent home with another person without following the correct process.
    • Making a fraudulent Right to Buy/Acquire application - A tenant makes an application to purchase their property and does so giving false information or knowingly incites West Kent to admit the application where they wouldn’t ordinarily qualify.

    Tackling tenancy fraud

    We are committed to tackling tenancy fraud within our neighbourhoods, and will investigate allegations that we receive.

    We will also conduct regular tenancy audits and use data matching to proactively identify those suspected of committing tenancy fraud.

    We work with local partners and external agencies and take the appropriate action to recover any property that has been used fraudulently

    Reporting tenancy fraud

    If you suspect that someone is committing tenancy fraud please contact us on 01732 749400 or via or by completing the online form below.

    Report someone you suspect is committing tenancy fraud

    Help for victims of tenancy fraud.

    There may be occasions in which the person living in our property does not know that they have been part of someone committing tenancy fraud.

    If this is identified then we will support that person and signpost them to their relevant local authority.

    Tenancy fraud policy and procedure.

    We are currently working with our residents to produce our policy and procedure for tackling tenancy fraud and once completed will be uploaded to this page.