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    Hate crimes are crimes which are committed against someone because of their disability, gender-identity, race, religion or sexual orientation.

    These crimes are a criminal offence and need to be reported to Kent Police.

    Hate crime can be:

    • Threatening behaviour
    • Assault
    • Robbery
    • Inciting others to commit crimes
    • Harassment

    Hate crime can also be damage to your house, car or other property, name calling, attacks or violence, graffiti or writing and arson or fire. 

    If you are concerned for your safety, please call Kent Police on 999 otherwise you can contact 101. Once you have spoken to the police, please report it to us using the reporting ASB form at the bottom of this page and include the incident reporting number. We can then work with the police.

    If you're not sure about contacting the police, you might prefer to:  

    You can also visit Stop Hate UK for more advice and information.