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    West Kent has garages to rent across the Sevenoaks and Swanley districts.

    Our garages are:

    • Available to all who live and work in Kent, not just West Kent tenants
    • £10.10 to £12* per week (+VAT for non-West Kent tenants**)
    • Flexible – suitable for short or long term lets, we only need two weeks’ notice to quit
    • From a trusted landlord – West Kent has a good reputation and invests in the community.

     Garages can be used to store:

    • Small/medium sized cars (they are not suitable for large cars or camper vans)
    • Overflow storage. 

    Please note:

    West Kent tenants must have been in credit without arrears for at least six months.

    Garage application form

    Your details

    Secondary contact

    (If we are unable to contact you)

    Preferred garage location

    (e.g. Sevenoaks, Swanley)


    By making this application to West Kent, you are agreeing to the following: a) You will only use the garage for a private vehicle or storage of domestic household items. b) The garage cannot be used for storage of flammable or hazardous materials, rubbish or perishable waste or for any trade or commercial purposes. c) You acknowledge that it is your responsibility to arrange vehicle and/or contents insurance as West Kent will not be held liable

    Data protection

    I understand you will hold the information I have given to process my application on a computer database. You may also share the information with housing associations and with other relevant organisations such as the police, social services, benefits departments and agencies employed to carry out research into housing need and improving services. I agree that the information I have given on this form may be used to: process my application for housing, prevent and detect fraud, and carry out research into housing needs and improving services.

    * We charge a one off non- refundable licence set up fee of £25 (+ VAT for non-West Kent tenants)
    ** West Kent tenants are only those individuals named on the tenancy. It does not include all occupants living in the household.