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    Report and Consolidated Financial Statements

    For West Kent, 2022 was a year for re-thinking priorities. Post Covid many people are reconsidering what they want from their homes and local communities. Over the last year we spoke with our customers to better understand their priorities.

    Highlights from 2022:

    • We delivered in line with our budgets and plans achieving an Operating Surplus of £9.2m from Turnover £64.5m, delivering an operating social housing margin 25.3% and Gearing 41.1%
    • Our first year of customer satisfaction feedback measuring; repairs, anti-social behaviour, making a complaint, calling our customer services team, moving into a home, and buying a shared ownership home. Our overall feedback score for 2022 was 4.3 out of 5.
    • The launch of a new communities offer and reshaped team to better support our residents, particularly those in financial hardship. This included a new team dedicated to providing intensive housing management support and a new fuel poverty role .
    • Achieving arrears of 2.17% (compared with 1.98% in 2021) against a backdrop of a cost-of-living crisis. This compares well to a sector average of 3.1%.
    • Supporting 4,775 people with communities work including: 1,078 support interventions to help sustain tenancies, 407 employment and training referrals (387 individuals), working closely with 160 tenants with 67 people supported into employment and another 50 into training.
    • Achieving 89% delivery on our repairs promise (compared with 94.6% last year and 94% target), maintaining good building safety compliance performance, initiating further improvements for our voids management to address the higher number of voids and level of works needed reflected in the 63-day time to let (compared with 40 last year and 32 days target).
    • Increasing our homes in management by 148 new builds, achieving £9m sales revenue through the sale of 69 shared ownership homes (against the target of £10.9m for 91 homes due to handovers slipping into 2023 reflecting delays in completions of development works). We end the year with 389 new homes in construction or in contract.
    • Progressing the design stage of the implementation of our new housing system including the end-to-end business process reviews and documenting how our new ‘to be’ way of working will solve current gaps in our service offer and deliver efficiency improvements. For example, confirming an appointment by text to reduce ‘no access’/ missed appointments.

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