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    Our plans

    Our vision is to deliver places to live and space to grow for our current and future residents. Our aim is to help create a prosperous, strong and sustainable society in Kent; a place of opportunity for all; where people can plan for their futures.

    Our founding ambition in 1989 remains as relevant today as we move into our fourth decade. Simply, we want to be the best in Kent. West Kent is a vibrant, community-based organisation providing much needed affordable homes and services to people living in the towns and villages throughout Kent. We believe that a good home is a foundation for getting on in life; our core purpose is to help the many people for whom a good home (to rent or buy) is too expensive, and to nurture their communities. We invest in our communities and work to understand need, and shape services that increase opportunities, build resilience and promote wellbeing

    Our strategic plan sets out how we will go about this.

    To deliver on our ambitions we will focus on four objectives:

    • Excellent services; we want to continue to deliver excellent services in a friendly, solution focused way.

    • Successful communities; we want to provide homes and build communities residents are proud to live in, with better support to sustain a successful tenancy and manage life changes.

    • Grow and reshape; we want to increase our homes in management to 10,000 by 2025 and begin to re-shape our property portfolio to better meet the current and future local needs across Kent and Medway

    • Best in Kent; we want to be known as Kent’s housing provider of choice.

    Find out more about our Strategic Plan.

    Our values

    Our values guide our staff to give customers a richer experience and staff themselves a greater sense of satisfaction. They guide us to make sound decisions for the business and be responsive to all our stakeholders

    See our values

    Equality and diversity

    We recognise that to provide excellent services to all, we need a robust analysis and understanding of different needs to ensure our services, facilities and resources are accessible and delivered for the benefit of everyone. 

    We seek to create and sustain a culture that respects and values difference, giving everyone fair access to services and employment opportunities. 

    To find out how we do this read our Equality and Diversity Policy