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    Venue Name: Co-Innovation Dover

    Venue Address: Co-Innovation Dover Stembrook Dover CT16 1PF

    Start Date:

    08/07/2019 10:00:00 AM

    Closing Date:

    This event has now finished.

    Phone number:

    01732 749420

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    After sponsoring several successful PopUp Business School (PUBS) events across Kent, we know how much they help tenants and residents with an interest in setting up their own business.

    The PopUp Business School (PUBS) philosophy is based on encouraging people to set up their own small business by highlighting opportunities, making them believe they can make money out of doing something they love and then giving them the practical tools to do it.

    The free, high-energy events avoid the tales of red tape, business plans and bank loans that can deter potential entrepreneurs, concentrating instead on persuading people to ‘have a go’ and follow their dreams.

    It is particularly suited to people who may not find it easy to get a conventional ‘9 to 5’-style job, perhaps because of childcare responsibilities. Optivo will pay for childcare and travel costs for those who attend all five days, and the course counts towards claimant commitment. 

    To sign up, please visit the PUBS website