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    From 1 February 2017 our repairs service is changing.

    We have carried out a year long review into our repairs service, looking at what we do and how we do it and consulted with residents about what improvements they would like to see. Following this, we are making some changes to the way we work with you to keep your home in good condition.

    Our new standard, Maintaining Your Home, sets out what you can expect from our repairs service and what we expect from you. 

    • We are responsible for ensuring that your property is safe and kept in a good standard of repair.
    • You are responsible for minor repairs within your home and for keeping your home and garden in a clean and tidy condition.

    We attend for repairs that are our responsibility within set timescales. The categories of repair and timescales have changed and you can see the full details on our Repairs page.

    Some repairs involving large scale replacement or improvement works may be scheduled outside routine repairs. These will be carried out under a separate programme of planned works.

    We prioritise repairs depending on their severity and their impact on you and your home. When scheduling your appointment we will take into account any vulnerability or medical need that you have told us about.

    We will no longer install electric showers where there is a combination boiler, nor maintain those already fitted where there is no longer a specific need for one. If it goes wrong and you call us out, we may simply remove it.

    We have made it easier for you to book your repair appointment. You can now book routine repairs directly through My West Kent or by emailing 

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