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Small is beautiful

Have you got spare bedrooms?

Many of our residents are living in homes that are now too big for them. Demand for family sized homes is rising and there is an increasing need for us to free up bigger family homes.

You may be eligible for the 'Small is Beautiful' scheme, which helps you downsize to a home more suited to your needs. It offers financial support to help you move.

To qualify for our Small is Beautiful incentive scheme you must:

  • be a West Kent tenant aged 50 or over (flexibility on age is at our discretion)
  • have a fully assured tenancy and be living in a property with two bedrooms or more
  • be willing to move to a smaller home (downsize) releasing at least one bedroom.

You can also qualify if you downsize to another social landlord through the Sevenoaks District Housing Register (SDHR.)

How much is the incentive?

The financial incentive depends on the size of home you're moving from, and how many bedrooms you’re releasing. We will pay £500 for each bedroom you release plus a further £1,000 one-off downsizing grant. (We reserve the right to deduct any recharges from the final incentive payment and we may agree to deduct any arrears to enable you to move).

For more information on downsizing, please complete the contact form below.

Downsizing contact form

Your age will affect the incentive payment
Tell us why you'd like to downsize