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    Having trouble paying your rent?

    If you're having money problems:

    • Make the most of the money you have - work out a household budget. Set spending priorities so you pay essential bills like your rent first. It helps you get in control of your money.
    • Save money - can you reduce your spending on other items? Websites like and have great tips and price checkers.
    • Increase your income – can you get a new job or do more hours at work? Or take in a lodger (you must not rent out your entire home). But remember this may affect any benefits you receive. Adult working children at home need to contribute to the family budget, get them involved in your budget planning so they can learn about the cost of running a home.
    • Claim benefits – see if you qualify by using a benefit checker. Don’t delay applying for benefits as the council or benefits departments may not backdate your claim. And remember, housing benefit can only be backdated for one month.

    If you want to talk about any of these options we’re happy to help. Call and let us know if you have a problem - in most cases we can make an agreement for you to repay any debt you have to us.

    Don’t borrow money from loan sharks or payday lenders; there are free debt advice charities that can help, as well as your local Citizens Advice. You never need to pay for debt advice.

    If you don’t pay your rent

    You must consider your rent a priority payment. If you don’t have a clear rent account you will not benefit from some of our services, including moving home or having a new kitchen, bathroom or front door.

    You must make every effort to pay your rent. Please contact us if you're having any financial problems so we can work with you to help you get back in control of your money.

    Starter tenancies: if you’re on a one year starter tenancy, we may fail your tenancy, which means we'll serve you with a Notice Requiring Possession and apply to court for mandatory possession. You will lose your home.

    Assured tenancies: if you don’t pay your rent on your assured tenancy we'll serve you with a Notice of Seeking Possession. You then have up to four weeks to clear the debt or to keep to a repayment agreement. If your debt doesn’t reduce we’ll start legal action. We usually apply to court for:

    • A possession order, which can result in you losing your home. If the debt remains unpaid we will apply to court to evict you.
    • A money judgement order. We still chase debts after a tenancy has ended using tracing agents and debt recovery companies. Your future credit rating may be affected and you may not get housing from another landlord as most insist you pay your debts to previous landlords. 
    • An order for costs. You will have to pay the court fee (minimum of £325) and we may ask for other legal costs too.

    Remember - your home is at risk if you do not keep up your repayments.