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    We are updating our Resident Voice Strategy. This sets outs how we are going to involve residents in the decisions we make as an organisation.

    The strategy will set out our aims for resident involvement over the next three years, these are:

    • We will involve residents in co-creating our services
    • We will train our involved residents so that they have the skills they need to challenge us constructively
    • We will ensure that no one is excluded from taking part
    • We will demonstrate the value of resident involvement and how it improves our services
    • We will ensure that our residents’ voices contribute to the national debate on issues that impact them
    • The resident involvement framework will be flexible, and feedback will not rely solely on our panels 
    • All areas of our business will work with residents to develop strategies and policies 

    It will take three years to achieve some of these, but we want to know your thoughts.

    Let us know your views by completing the form below. You can also email or call 01732 749420.