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    This year we've consulted with residents on several policies, procedures and service changes.

    Using your feedback and unique experience of our services we can make changes at West Kent to positively impact you. We want to make sure we're as transparent and honest with you as we can so we've detailed the changes we've made below.   

    Unacceptable behaviour policy

    You said

    Changes made

    The document is too long

    A shorter, easier to read version has been written with a link to the full document. 

    This should apply to staff

    The process for reporting unacceptable staff behaviour is through the complaints procedure and this will be made clearer in the policy.

    St Mary's community survey

    A resident action group for the St Mary's area of Swanley has been established so we can work together with local residents to make improvements in the area. For more information, email

    You said

    Changes made

    There's a lot of antisocial behaviour in the area

    Reviewed our community safety policy and procedure with residents.

    Strengthened relationship with the local police

    There's always a lot of rubbish and fly tipping

    Cleared flytipping, identified problem areas and set up regular estate walks with residents.

    There's not much to do for older or younger generations to do

    Strengthened our relationship with local organisations such as The Children's Centre.

    We're worried about the cost-of-living crisis

    Partnered with the Green Doctor to support local residents with bills and cost of living concerns. A new structure for our communities team will mean residents can access help and advice on the cost of living, benefits and fuel poverty more easily. 


    Rent rise consultation

    You said

    Changes made

    Be clear and explain the context behind the rent increase.



    The letter that went out to all residents included information on how we can help if people are struggling, the reasons behind the rise and to be considerate and compassionate about the difficulties at the moment.

    Make sure the wording is accurate, simple and compassionate.

    Link to campaign for residents to talk to West Kent if they're struggling.

    Highlight that West Kent will never make money from these increases.

    Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs)

    You said

    Changes made

    They’re asking the right questions. They’re clear and easy to understand.

    Resident feedback was forwarded to regulator as part of the consultation. The Tenant Satisfaction Measures have been finalised with resident feedback central to the decision making process.

    There’s a lack of detail on repairs and ASB 

    Resident inspectors

    You said

    Changes made

    The window cleaner hasn’t been for a long time

    A new cleaning log has been put up on communal noticeboards and we’ve reiterated the importance of signing it.  

    The hedges and bushes aren’t being trimmed

    A site visit was completed, and it was identified that the hedges and bushes should be included in the grounds maintenance for the area. They were added and will be trimmed in future.

    I’m not sure what I’m meant to be receiving

    Residents were contacted with updated information detailing what services they were receiving and when