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    This year we've consulted with residents on several policies, procedures and service changes.

    Using your feedback and unique experience of our services we can make changes at West Kent to positively impact you. We want to make sure we're as transparent and honest with you as we can so we've detailed the changes we've made below.   

    Unacceptable behaviour policy

    You said

    Changes made

    The document is too long

    The document has been simplified and shortened. 

    This should apply to staff

    The process for reporting unacceptable staff behaviour is through the complaints procedure- this has been made clearer in the policy.

    Rent and service charge information

    A group of residents met in person to review our rent letters and the supporting information we send with them, with an aim to improving the information we send. Residents also had the chance to share their views on this online through a web consultation. The next step will be for us to create new drafts based on the views below and then share these with residents. 

    You said

    Changes made

    There's some jargon in the letters that's hard to understand. 

    We will make sure letters are clearly written in plain English and that any technical terms or abbreviations are clearly explained. 

    There's a lot of information to take in - the rent and service charge costs should be at the start so its clear. 

    We will make sure this information is at the very start of the letter. 

    Some residents find it stressful to get letters with lots of information. 

    We will take this into account and understand these letters can cause anxiety.

    Clear graphs or tables are helpful.

    We may not be able to do this immediately, but in the long term we want to include simple graphs and charts. 


    Exploring the updated tenant portal, My West Kent 

    As part of a wider system upgrade, the tenant portal will be updated and improved. We asked a group of residents to test out the new version. 

    You said

    Changes made

    The sign-up and login process was confusing and the instructions for password criteria weren't clear.   Based on this feedback we can review the communication we will send to residents asking them to re-register for the portal and this will help make the process as smooth as possible.

    The updated portal is easier to navigate and find what you're looking for- also very easy to track your past activity

    We will make sure we share this message!