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    What is a scrutiny panel?

    A scrutiny panel is a small group of residents who volunteer to look at our performance information and recommend how we can improve. They are independent but well supported by the resident involvement team. They meet monthly and as well as checking how we're performing, they choose areas to look at in more depth so they can give specific recommendations on what needs to change. 

    What's the purpose?

    To work collaboratively with West Kent staff and other residents to improve services to residents- they help us become better landlords.  Our residents receive our services so they are the experts on them and know what will make them better. 

    How does it work?

    The panel has full meetings once every three months to look at how we are performing- they see information such as our complaints and repairs data. Based on what they see, they then choose an area to look at in more depth. Some of the panel will then meet monthly to complete a review of this area. They will complete a report with recommendations on what needs to change and will meet with relevant staff to ensure this is put into action. 

    What's in it for panel members? 

    Being a panel member is a great opportunity. It offers you the chance to: 

    • Learn new skills - we have a full training package for new members and will support and finance training opportunities for members. 
    • Use skills you already have - you may currently or previously have career skills you could use to really thrive in this role. 
    • Give something  back - being a panel member involves improving things for other people and whole communities. If you like to look out for your neighbours and always likes to help, this could be a great role for you. 
    • Feel valued and recognised- being a panel member is a highly important role at West Kent. The panels work and recommendations are taken seriously and actioned; they analyse data and meet with people all across West Kent from directors and board members to customer facing staff. They make a genuine difference and create real change. 
    • Meet new people and have new experiences- our panel meets once a month and alternate between virtual and face to face meetings. They are a chatty, friendly and welcoming bunch and there are opportunities to attend conferences and meet other involved residents locally and nationally. 

    We're recruiting! We are currently looking for residents to join the panel- if all of the above appeals to you please click below to find out more about joining. 

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