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    We are currently recruiting to these roles.

    West Kent holds regular meetings with contractors to monitor and review services- these are called ‘core group meetings’. Residents can become contractor standards representatives and join these meetings 2-4 times a year so they can share their views and help us improve services.

    We currently have roles for resident representatives on the following core groups (maximum of two residents per group):

    • Brenwards-  electrical and repairs services- one available resident role
    • iNHomes- gas and plumbing services- two available resident roles 
    • Grounds maintenance- new provider tbc- two available resident roles

    The role

    Supported by the resident involvement team, contractor standards reps will:

    • Attend meetings with contractors and West Kent staff
    • Review data and information to monitor performance
    • Communicate views openly, honestly, and constructively
    • Act in a non-biased, impartial manner.
    • Contribute to business and service improvement

    Skills needed

    No specific skills or qualifications are needed, and training can be provided but residents will need to be able to:

    • Understand performance information and data
    • Able to travel to meetings or join them online (reasonable travel expenses will be reimbursed)


    Application process

    Residents need to apply to become a contractor standards representative by completing the application form below and explaining why they are suitable for the role.

    There can be a maximum of two residents on each core group. If there are more applications than places, the resident involvement team will select residents based on the merits of application forms and with an aim to ensure the wider resident base is represented across the core groups. Internal checks may also be completed to ensure there is no conflict of interest.

    Residents who apply must be:

    • A West Kent resident (tenant, leaseholder or shared owner) who receives the services of the relevant contractor.

    They must not be:

    • A current West Kent employee or board member.
    • A resident who has an open complaint that may cause a conflict, or who has an open complaint with the Housing Ombudsman.
    • A resident who has breached our unacceptable behaviour policy and we have taken action as a result.
    • A resident who is subject to court proceedings. 

    We will ask residents who join to sign our code of conduct and confidentiality agreement.

    If you have any questions, or would like to discuss his role, please get in touch with Emma Henry and Lucinda Herring on the resident involvement team. or 01732 749908