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    Keeping your estates looking good

    Our grounds maintenance service is provided by G Bridglands Ltd - supervisor Simon Bowles is the man you need to talk to if you have any problems, feedback or compliments about the grounds maintenance work.

    The team will be working hard throughout the year to ensure the areas they operate in are kept clean, tidy and well maintained. This sort of work is often dependant on the weather so please be patient if they are slightly delayed.

    Please remember that communal grass, parking areas and alleyways should not be used for storing your personal possessions. These areas must be kept clear to avoid personal possessions being mistaken for rubbish and cleared away.

    When we are in your area 

    • Swanley – first two weeks of the month
    • Sevenoaks – third week of the month
    • Edenbridge – fourth week of the month
    • Dartford, Maidstone, Ashford and other areas – third and fourth week of the month.

    All our estates receive the following service:

    • Grass cutting, hard surface clearance and individual gardens – ten cuts per year
      1 March - 31 December
    • Gullies – once a year
      19 November - 31 December
    • Hedges – two cuts per year
      January and July
    • Beds and borders - four times a year
      February, May, July and October.

    Individual gardens scheme

    This scheme is available to tenants who are elderly or disabled and cannot manage their gardens. They will receive grass cutting eight times a year and hedge cutting twice a year. To qualify tenants must meet these criteria: 

    • not having the means to pay for the work
    • not have savings of more that £3000 savings
    • no family living nearby who can help them.

    There are a maximum of 150 places available each year for this service and our tenancy service officers will visit applicants to confirm they qualify.