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    Who's responsible for repairs?

    Both you and West Kent have a responsibility to maintain your home and to carry out repairs.

    If you are a shared owner or leaseholder you can find out more here.

    • Your responsibilities

      You are responsible for day-to-day repairs in your home and keeping your home and garden in a clean and tidy condition. If you or anyone visiting your home has caused a repair, either deliberately or accidentally, and we come out and fix it, we will charge you.

      • Accidental or malicious damage, by you, your family or visitors in your home or shared areas
      • Adjustment of doors for carpets or other flooring
      • Bleeding radiators
      • Boiler controls – maintaining water pressure in your system
      • Batteries in smoke/heat/carbon monoxide detectors, door bells
      • Bath panels
      • Blockages to sinks, washbasins, baths, toilets – except customers living in flats, where shared drainage is blocked
      • Clothes lines and posts – except communal areas
      • Condensation/mould prevention
      • Damage due to forced entry, including by the emergency services
      • Decorating – internal to individual homes
      • Door numbers and nameplates, door bells, chains, letter plates and boxes
      • Door stops
      • Draught proofing
      • Flooring - floor coverings except kitchen and bathroom 
      • Glazing – accidental breakage and vandalism
      • Home improvements you have made, including extensions
      • Individual appliances that you own i.e. cookers, washing machines
      • Internal doors and handles, hinges and cupboard catches
      • Keys – replacement for damaged, lost or stolen keys and fobs and associated lock changes
      • Light bulbs, fluorescent tubes and starters, except communal lighting
      • Pest control – except communal areas
      • Plaster repairs – minor patching and cracking to walls and ceilings
      • Plugs and chains to sinks, baths and washbasins
      • Resetting the trip switch at the fuse board and carrying out appliance tests if there is a power cut
      • Sheds
      • Shower heads and hoses, shower rails and shower curtains
      • Tap washers
      • Toilet seats and covers including replacement
      • TV aerials and satellites dishes – except communal areas

      You must ensure you have home contents insurance to protect your personal belongings in case of accidental damage

    • Your responsibilities - when we will charge you

      We will charge you if we have to carry out a repair (to an individual home or communal area) that is:

      • your responsibility
      • due to damage and/or neglect, (caused by you or anyone in your household, visitors or emergency services), including replacing items like kitchen worktops.

      We will also charge you when:

      • we've had to make good alterations carried out without our authorisation or not to the required standard
      • we carry out a service that you are responsible for 
      • you've called us out for an emergency that's not an emergency  
      • you've left items in communal areas or on our land that we have to remove. 

      We will classify the charge as follows: 

      • Band A - Repair (Call out for an emergency that's not an emergency) £75
      • Band B - Minor replacement  £150
      • Band C - Major replacement  £300
      • Planned major replacements (e.g. bathroom) - between £301 and £6480 dependent on work required.

      All prices include materials, labour and VAT.

      This price plan excludes Kent Excellent Homes For All.

    • Our responsibilities

      We are responsible for ensuring that your property is safe and kept in a good standard of repair. We prioritise our repairs into the categories below:

      • Emergency
      • Urgent
      • Routine
      • Planned

      You can read about how we handle those priorities on this page.

    How soon will the repair be done?

    We prioritise repairs depending on their severity and their impact on you and your home. When scheduling your appointment we will take into account any vulnerability or medical need that you have told us about. If you need to update us about your circumstances, please contact us.

    • Emergency repairs

      Emergency repairs are those that pose an immediate risk to health and safety or security or could cause substantial damage to the fabric of the building.

      Target response time: Within 24 hours. Outside normal working hours, we will ensure the property is safe and arrange a repair on the next working day.

      These types of repair include:

      • Blocked drain causing waste to surge into basin, bath, sink or WC (health and safety)
      • Blocked flues
      • Blocked toilet (where there is only one in the property)
      • Board up for security
      • Broken down lifts
      • Failure of warden alarms
      • Faults to door entry systems that leave block closed
      • Major water leaks from pipes, tank or cistern - not containable
      • Make safe after flooding, storm or fire
      • Make safe major damage to roof
      • Make safe major structural damage
      • Offensive and racist graffiti
      • Total loss of electrical supply - tenants will be charged for supplier issue
      • Total loss of water supply - tenants will be charged for supplier issue
      • Unsafe power, lighting, electrical fitting.
    • Urgent repairs

      Urgent repairs are where there is a risk to your health or security.

      Target response times: within three calendar days.

      These types of repair include:

      • Door or window security issues
      • Faults to door entry systems that leave block open
      • Loss of gas supply - tenants will be charged if the issue is with the gas supplier
      • Loss of heating or hot water
      • Partial loss of water supply - tenants will be charged if the issue is with the water supplier.
    • Routine repairs

      Routine repairs are all other repairs. We will agree an appointment with you when you report this type of repair. 

      Target response time: within 21 calendar days 

      These types of repair include:

      • Blocked sink, basin, baths or second WC
      • Damage to stair tread or hand rail/banister
      • Defective flooring which is not an immediate health and safety problem
      • Faulty electrical fittings and minor electrical faults
      • Faulty extractor fan
      • Fly tipping and rubbish clearance
      • Faulty communal TV aerial
      • Graffiti
      • Leaking roof, missing roof tiles and faulty or blocked guttering causing serious water penetration 
      • Partial loss of heating
      • Partial loss of hot water
      • Plumbing repairs and day to day replacements
      • Repairing and cleaning of gutters and downpipes
      • Repairs to doors, floors and windows (not internal doors)
      • Repairs to a kitchen
      • Severe dampness.
    • Planned repairs

      These are planned and cyclical repairs and improvements to maintain the standard and value of the property, such as painting, replacing roofs and replacing windows. We use a 'just-in-time' approach for component renewals. This means we’ll only replace a component (such as the kitchen or doors) when we can no longer carry out economical repairs. We don’t carry out replacements based on the age of the component. In this way we can extend the useful life of components to minimise waste. If you’d like a copy of our just in time policy please ask. Remember - you must keep a clear rent account to qualify for replacement of your kitchen, bathroom or doors. 

      Target response time: within 18 months

      These types of repair include:

      • Failure of the entry system or one that is staying unlocked
      • Make good all damage arising from major water leaks, fire, storm or structural collapse
      • Repairs to external walls and paths
      • Plaster repairs - not minor cracks to plaster
      • Replacement of skirting boards
      • Replacement of misted double glazed units
      • Replacement of wall tiles - kitchen/bathroom
      • Repair to damaged lifts
      • Make good damage following fire or flood
      • Fencing/boundary wall works
      • Any other major component replacements such as windows, kitchens and bathrooms

    To report a repair simply log into My West Kent or contact us.

    Read full details of our Maintaining Your Home repairs standard.


    When you report a repair we will either give you an appointment time or our contractor will call with a time slot that suits you. If you cancel the appointment later than 10am on the day, or if you are not in at the scheduled time we will charge you £20. Likewise, if we cancel later than 10am on the day of the appointment, we'll pay you £20.

    Always ask for proof of identity before letting anyone into your home. This includes staff from West Kent and anyone working on our behalf. If you’re not sure just give us a call.