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    Decorating help 

    We offer a range of services for residents to help with decorating.

    These are paid for, but at a much lower rate than paying a private company. Residents meeting a set criteria can take advantage of some free decorating services. You will have to meet a set of criteria and will not be eligible if you are in arrears.

    For any of these services you will not be eligible if you are in arrears. For all payable services payment is required in full before works commence.

    • Decoration assistance (free)

      Scheme full until 2023

      A free service for tenants who meet the set criteria. This service includes a maximum of three rooms decorated at one time. You'll only be eligible for this service once within a ten-year period. 

      You must meet the following criteria:

      • No one living at your property is physically able to decorate
      • You do not have any friends or family who can help you to decorate
      • You are not under occupying their home by more than one room
      • You are receiving care managed through Social Services or have physical/sensory disability
      • You receive at least one of the following:

        Employment support allowance/Job Seekers Allowance
        Unemployed Universal Credit
        Pension Credit
        Disability Living Allowance
        Personal Independence Payment
        Attendance Allowance   

       You will not be able to access the service if:

      • You owe West Kent money, unless you have a repayment agreement which you have kept for at least six months
      • You have savings or trust funds totalling £6,000 or more
      • You have breached your tenancy (including anti-social behaviour or refusing requests for access)