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    Having trouble paying your rent?

    We understand that you might have a lot on your mind at the moment and one of those things may well be, how will you pay your rent in the months to come? 

    By keeping in touch with us, and letting us know your circumstances, we can help you work through this.

    If you're on a low income, you may be entitled to Housing Benefit to help pay your rent or be entitled to a discretionary housing payment. You should speak to your local authority to find out if you're eligible.

    Don’t borrow money from loan sharks or payday lenders; there are free debt advice charities that can help, as well as your local Citizens Advice. You never need to pay for debt advice. 

    Please contact our customer services team if you're worried.

    • Keep talking

      If you are worried about anything, need some help or advice because there have been changes in your situation, then stay in touch. We can listen and will always try to be flexible enough to help if things are a little tight at the moment.

    • Pay what you can

      If you are worried you may not be able to pay all of your rent, then get in touch. Paying something every month will mean that you are not letting things get completely on top of you. We’d much rather help you with a smaller amount in the future, than see you in serious debt. Don’t forget if it’s hard to make one payment this month it’ll be even harder to pay two next month.

    • Make sure you claim

      You may be able to get financial help, so speak to us and find out more. We have experts who can help make sure you know your entitlement and claim what’s yours.

    • Universal Credit advances

      If you’re claiming Universal Credit you may receive an advanced payment as a lump sum. Remember you will have to pay this back so think ahead before you spend it.

    • Universal Credit with housing elements

      Make sure you pay your rent as a priority over other bills.

    • Lost your job? We can help

      You’re not alone if you have recently lost your job – we can help. We have a dedicated team ready to help you find and apply for a variety of current employment opportunities. It might be different to what you normally do, but it will certainly help you be in a steady job. We can help you get a CV together, access re-training courses and be ready to apply when opportunities come up.

    • Feeling overwhelmed?

      If you feel like you’re in a crisis and not sure where to turn for help we can provide referrals for support. Just talk to us and we’ll try to help.

    • Shared ownership worries?

      If you are in shared ownership, it’s important to speak to your mortgage lender as well as us. If you need any advice about paying your rent, we’re happy to help, so please give us a call and avoid any unnecessary issues in the future.

    We want to work with you if you're struggling to pay to support you. We can:

    • Offer support and guidance about what benefits you may be entitled to, and how to claim
    • Listen to what you can pay, and make appropriate payment plans with you
    • Offer budgeting advice and access to income and expenditure reviews
    • Agree for the housing cost part of your universal credit to be paid directly to us (if you receive this)
    • Support you if you're looking for work by helping you with your job search, including getting ready for applications and interviews
    • Signpost you to our partner organisations for further specialist advice on training and employment.
    • Complete referrals to local food banks if you're struggling.

    Please contact our customer services team if you need help with any of these.